Vortrag “Visual literacy and interdisciplinarity”


In seinem englischsprachigen Vortrag am 17. Mai 2022 befasst sich Rolf J. Gaede, Associate Professor an der Durban University of Technology in Südafrika, mit dem Thema der visuellen Kompetenz sowie der visuellen Alphabetisierungsforschung.


The first part of the talk deals with the concept of visual literacy, beginning with its inception in 1969 when the term was coined by John Debes, and ending with a brief overview of the current state of visual literacy research with special reference to recent publications by the International Visual Literacy Association. This section of the talk also engages with some of the questions raised by David Sless in his provocative article "Visual Literacy: A failed opportunity". The second part of the presentation asks to what extent visual literacy scholarship meets the core qualifying criteria of a separate academic discipline, seen in the context of contemporary debates surrounding inter-, cross- and transdisciplinarity, which play an important role in design education and design practice. The discussion in this section of the talk is primarily based on the continuum from discipline to transdiscipline described in Manfred Max-Neef's seminal paper "The foundations of transdisciplinarity".


Rolf J. Gaede is currently an Associate Professor in Visual Communication Design at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa. He holds a DPhil in Social Science Methods from the University of Stellenbosch and a DTech in Design Technology and Visual Art from the Central University of Technology. His research interests include visual literacy, visual semiotics, image-based research designs and research ethics.


Moderation: Prof. Markus Frenzl



Vortrag “Visual literacy and interdisciplinarity” / Modul 604
Vortrag englischsprachig, Diskussion deutsch/englisch
Prof. Rolf J. Gaede
Dienstag, 17. Mai 2022, 18 Uhr


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